RAWC Membership

Taking out a Raising a Wild Child Membership not only gives you/your family access to a wide range of support, but also brings you into our RAWC Community where parents, carers, professionals can find a safe space to express themselves, share their views and experiences and know they will be understood and supported by the wider community and RAWC Team

We offer Membership to everyone ... individuals, families or professionals.

You will be offered discounts to our courses and training material as and when created and be notified ahead of time of upcoming events.

Becoming a Member

Take the first step towards supporting yourself and others by joining our Membership.

By taking out our membership offer you will receive vital family support and you will also have access to a wide variety of materials from monthly webinars, Q&A sessions, SEND & EHCP Law advice, Live Chat sessions with Associates and Self Nurture support.

You will become part of our unique, supportive and understanding community bringing you confidence to supporting the mental wellbeing of your family/child as a whole.

What I get

As a RAWC Member you will find news, announcements, monthly webinars and Q&A's here. 

This is a membership service where you will receive:

    • RAWC Webinars
    • EHCP & SEND Law Webinars
    • Q&A sessions
    • Self Care Session¬†& Tutoring Support


    • Members Challenge
    • Blogs/newsletters
    • Announcements
    • Live Chat Rooms
    • Community Circles

Membership Fee

Membership costs £50 per month per family (and can include up to 3 adults).

Our Membership is paid monthly by direct debit. 

If you are working with us on our 3 month family support package, Membership is included for the duration of your support.

Once that is completed you have the option to purchase our monthly Membership package.

Joining our Membership for £29.99 per month

Becoming a Member is easy, simply join below and enjoy immediate Membership and Announcements.

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Coming Up!

  • RAWC Webinars
  • EHCP & SEND Law Webinars
  • Q&A sessions
  • Self¬†Nurture Session
  • Tutoring Support


  • Members Challenge
  • Blogs/newsletters
  • Announcements
  • Live Chat Rooms
  • Community Circles


  • June:¬†Understanding Anxiety¬†& Co-Regulation
    EHCP & SEND Law / Session 9 - Social Care and Health

  • July:¬†Compassion¬†without Boundaries
    EHCP & SEND Law / Session 10 - Key case law and tips for dealing with the system

  • August:¬†Understanding healing¬†& progress
    EHCP & SEND Law / Session 11 - Judicial reviews

What happens after I sign up for membership?


Instant access to our RAWC Community


Access to community circles, chats, feeds and challenges

Access to Our Community Calls

Monthly live group coaching calls

Access to other live sessions including webinars

Access to discounted courses 

Access to Our Community


24 hour access to community circles

Live chat sessions

Group feeds

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