~ Through a Therapeutic lens ~

Family support for neurodivergent children and families where you will feel heard, understood and supported. You will be provided with guidance, tools and solutions that will enhance the lives of both children and family in and outside the home environment. Raising a Wild Child (RAWC) is a safe and supportive space for all those wild children and those raising them!

~ Whatever it takes ~
Why do we exist?

We exist for the children who don't fit the boxes, the free spirits, the wave-makers, the innovators. These are the children that cannot comply; even when they really really want to. Who can not do 'the thing', even when they have chosen 'the thing' ...  begged for the thing ... then suddenly the weight of expectation renders them incapacitated.  

Some of them have labels! in fact all of them have labels, just some are given by doctors and psychiatrists and others are given by society.  

At some point in our evolution, somebody decided to box up 'normal' based on traits of the vast majority. Those that did not fit those boxes were deemed sick, broken, deficient and given a label, autistic, neurodivergent, ADHD, PDA, anxious, selfish, sociopathic, disruptive, naughty, oppositional, stubborn, feral, just to name a few.  

But deep down you know they are not deficient ... they are wired up differently, wired up to never forget that they are born free and that they have everything they need to thrive in this world... if only they had the autonomy, trust and independence to do so their own way.

We are also here for you; the parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, carers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles ... the ones who have been made to feel like you are just not trying hard enough, doing what you should, not setting boundaries, being too soft, being too strict, not giving enough stickers and praise, giving too many stickers, making things up, imagining things.

What we do?

We aim to provide therapeutic, child centred, strategies to support positive mental health, reduce violence in the home and at school, reduce stress levels among family members, increase understanding and protrude training in schools and other organisations.

How Raising a Wild Child will support you and your family?

We support families and children to develop emotional regulation skills, reduce violence towards themselves and others and develop positive mental health in order to increase their enjoyment and engagement of education, personal success and life.

Our job at RAWC is standing firmly behind families, holding them against the avalanche of support that does not work and only seems to make things worse; if it exists at all.

How our story began
 Hi, I am Suzan Issa ...

I am the founder of Raising a Wild Child and The Wildheart Foundation. We are based in the UK, and I am a Wild Child.

Diagnosed at 40 years young as Autistic, with a heavy sprinkling of PDA, and hefty dose of ADHD to complete the potion.  

Raising a Wild Child work alongside families to navigate the journey of discovering and understanding their child’s neurotype by finding ways together, to ensure that every person around the child feels heard, supported and understood enabling you to feel empowered to create a harmonious home for the family as a whole.

What people have to say

CH Nurse, Hertfordshire

Thank you for the training this morning, I have learned more from you than any other book or training session in the last 8 years. Not only for my future patients, but also for me and my family!


The support our RAWC Associate offers is invaluable. The WhatsApp support in-between weekly sessions is so reassuring - even if we don't need to use it just knowing it's there offers peace of mind that help and support is available if we need it. I have never heard of any other service offering this.


With her immense knowledge and experience, Suzan gives personal insight into neurodivergence and alchemises this into a compassionate and teachable philosophy with heaps of actionable strategies. It’s transformed our facilitators’ approach to groups with a huge positive impact on our girls.


Things are really really good. Like we’ve turned a significant corner. She is back in school and it’s going well. Thank you for everything. There are a million other smaller wins, too many to mention but I wouldn’t be where we are today without you xxx


I'm so excited for him tomorrow, he's doing something we've waited all year for, so I'm hoping that keeps him feeling good and I feel it too. I've felt it for days since speaking to you.


I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing for me and my family. I honestly don't think there's anyone in my life who has had such a profound impact on me and my entire view of the world. I really don't think I can thank you enough. I am so glad we found you.

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