An Inside Perspective of a Neurodivergent Mind and How to Parent Those Who Cannot Be Parented

This is a book for the wild children and those who love them.

The children who don’t fit the boxes, the free spirits, the wavemakers, the innovators; the children who cannot be moulded … even if they want to be.

It is also for the parents, grandparents, teachers, carers and anyone else lucky enough to know a wild child but has been made to feel that they are just not trying hard enough. Or maybe they’re trying too hard, not doing what they should, being too soft, being too strict … making things up or imagining things. If that sounds familiar, it is a book for you, too.

This book will provide you with an understanding of your child, help you overcome your fears, and give you hope for their future. It will guide you through practical strategies for helping your distressed child in the middle of a meltdown and show you how to move on, learn from and diminish meltdowns. This book will restore your relationship with your child and their relationship with themselves … All these are excellent reasons why you should read it … But, fundamentally, you should read this book because it could ultimately save your child’s life.

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All The Tools You Need To Improve Your Family Life

If you think you have tried it all ... you haven't tried this

Jai M

Absolutely Amazing! This book is an eye-opener making you question your existence and what it means to be human! It takes you on a journey providing you with valuable insight into human behaviour, trauma and its affect on the body and the brain. It highlights the beauty of individuality, the need for thinking outside the box and how current belief/behaviour systems are often embedded in us, often damaging, and in desperate need of reform. The way the scenarios are broken down and explained is so powerful it leaves you in deep thought and awe. All I can say is Thank You!!

Jessica N

Thank you Suzan for writing this.

As a mum to a PDA teenager who burned out 5 years ago this book is extremely helpful.

I have not finished the book yet. It is short (good news for a burned out parent), dense in information, understanding and support.

I’ve talked with Suzan once and her understanding and ideas helped me in a way not many people can. The book is better than expected even! I love Susan’s writing style and the format of the book. It’s intelligent and honest. Very needed.

I highly recommend this book. Thank you Suzan. I am looking forward to reading the rest.


This book turns life on its head for the better for our children and our families.

No matter how much you have read before, thought you knew, tried your best, Suzan Issa's book has true insights into why our children behave or respond in the way they do. Yes she has the academic and educational background but more importantly what makes the difference is she comes from a point of living and processing as our children and many of us probably do.

To say Suzan saved my family is no understatement. I have had so many light bulb moments whilst listening to Suzan speak over the past few years and whilst reading her book. These gems made sense of things I thought I'd understood from CAMHS sessions and extensive reading. Yes we need those books too and that information but Suzan truly understands our families, she lives our lives and the information and light she sheds can turn a family around. It is still a long slow process, you have to have faith but this little book will make all the difference.

I have already recommended it to a number of people and it has helped them help their children too.

Thank you Suzan - keep doing what you do!


If you have the privilege to support a child with ADHD or ASD, this book is an absolute must. If you only read one book- make it this one. Suzan writes exactly as she speaks, she has a wealth of experience and advice. She keeps us sane and has made a huge difference to our family life.


Suzan's book was the written hug I needed. It's almost as if it's given me permission to be the parent that I am without question and judgement.
It's impactful - it's made me feel all the feels and gave me answers to questions I've had for a long time.
It's easy to follow and it's written from the heart with the purpose to help and educate.
Thank you Suzan!

Amazon Customer

Love this first hand insight and personal perspective on those who may be deemed 'Wild children'. Great understanding on how adults can support children that think outside the box to thrive, as well as achieve better family dynamics. Suzan's sentiments are to the point making this book easy to read and providing a point of reference whenever you need to revisit something. The world could learn a lot from these approaches.